What to Know When Switching to an EV

March 23rd, 2022 by

What to Know When Switching to an EV

Change can be scary, especially when changing from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric vehicle. A staple of all of our lives, gas-powered cars are everywhere and, for most of us, all we’ve ever known! Moving from a normal car to a new electric vehicle can be a tricky decision to make, but the electric vehicle is truly the way of the future! With immediate acceleration, a quiet driving experience, easier maintenance, cheaper fuel, and a contribution to a greener and brighter future, the electric vehicle is a smart move. The change can be trouble-free, as well! Read on for simple tips to ensure a smooth switch.

Power On!

You may be wondering how to charge a car battery at home. In fact, the most critical piece of switching to an electric vehicle is installing a home charger. Installing a charger is a snap with companies such as Amazon Home Services or Plugless, which includes home installation. Also, make sure to install a Level 2 charger. With enough power bandwidth to add 200 hours of range overnight, you’ll wake up with a “full tank” every morning. Feeling particularly green? Even charge up with solar panels!

Some car-owners are worried about the lack of electric charging stations as opposed to traditional gas stations. However, charging stations continue to grow in popularity and increase around the world. On the road, plenty of convenient options have popped up to automatically navigate the world of charging stations. With various different plugs and electric vehicle models, apps like ChargeHub or Chargeway can clear the confusion for you, making it easy to find the right charging station for your electric vehicle. Most car manufacturers make it easy for their consumers to find a charging station, with plenty of easy-to-use apps and tools at your disposal. Prices may vary but filling up your EV is almost always cheaper than traditional gasoline!

Let’s Talk Money

Saving on fuel and repair costs is only one benefit to switching to an EV. The federal government and many other smaller municipalities have recognized the importance of a greener future and have invested heavily to incentivize the switch. Waived sales tax, tax credits, rebates on home chargers, exclusive parking, and solo driving in carpool lanes are just a few ways that municipalities have encourages the switch. Check with your local government before you switch and make sure to take advantage of everything they have to offer!

Stay on the Road!

With less moving parts and no need for combustion, electric vehicles typically need less repairs and maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. Oil changes, emissions testing, and costly engine repairs are things of the past with electric vehicles. Save with electric vehicles on gas, through tax breaks, and on overall repairs!

Make the Switch!

At Gordon Chevrolet, we specialize in helping hesitant customers finally make the switch to electric vehicles. With a knowledgeable staff to answer any and all questions you might have, we aim to make your switch to an electric vehicle as comfortable and seamless as possible. Come see us at Gordon Chevrolet dealership in Jacksonville and learn more by searching for a “Chevrolet Dealer Near Me” or “Used Cars in Orange Park, Florida!”